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Breaking News: Updated WhatsApp policy postponed till 15th May 2021

Key Points

  • Now, WhatsApp has declared not to delete the users account till 15th May,2021 instead of deleting it on 8th February,2021 on not accepting the terms and conditions of sharing the data of its users to Facebook.
  • Recently updated WhatsApp policy postponed as after the lots of confusions with the new privacy concerns as updated in WhatsApp privacy policy in order to give plenty of time to its users to understand the terms related to their new policies.

WhatsApp Policy Postponed Report

They’ve gotten with such countless individuals how much disarray there is around their new update. There’s been a ton of falsehood causing concern and now they need to assist everybody with understanding their standards and current realities.

WhatsApp was based on a basic thought: what you share with your loved ones stays between you. This implies that they will consistently secure users discussions with end-to-end encryption, so neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can see these private messages. It’s the reason why they don’t keep logs of who everybody’s informing or calling. In additionally, they can’t see user’s shared area and they don’t impart your contacts to Facebook.

With these updates, none of that is evolving. All things being equal, the update incorporates new alternatives individuals should message a business on WhatsApp, and gives further straightforwardness about how we gather and use information. While not every person shops with a business on WhatsApp today, we feel that more individuals will decide to do as such later on and it’s notable individuals know about these administrations. According to WhatsApp, this update doesn’t extend their capacity to impart information to Facebook.

WhatsApp Policy Postponed to 15th May

Whatsapp policy Postponed
WhatsApp policy Postponed
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They’re currently moving back the date on which individuals will be approached to survey and acknowledge the terms. Now WhatsApp community saying that Nobody will have their record suspended or erased on February 8. They’re additionally going to do much more to clear up the falsehood around how protection and security deals with WhatsApp. They’ll at that point go to individuals continuously to audit the approach at their own speed before new business choices are accessible on May 15.

WhatsApp carried end-to-end encryption to individuals across the world and now WhatsApp is focused on guarding this security innovation now and later on. With this WhatsApp policy postponed controversy they thanks to Much obliged users to each and every individual who has contacted them and to so numerous who have helped spread realities and stop gossipy tidbits. They will keep on putting all that we have into making WhatsApp the most ideal approach to impart secretly.

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Q1. What is the refreshed date of recently WhatsApp Policy postponed?

WhatsApp Postponed its updated policy up to 15th May,2021 instead of 8th February,2021 in order to give some time for its users to understand their terms and conditions.

Q2. Why WhatsApp Policy postponed to 15th May?

  1. According to WhatsApp, the WhatsApp policy postponed due to the massconfusion and misinformation to its users. This decision gives whatsApp users some time(about 3 months) in order to understand their terms and conditions of their updated Privacy policies.
  2. As most of the WhatsApp users are migration towards other messaging apps like Telegram and Signal Messengers.

Q3. WhatsApp is Secured or Unsecured?

According to the WhatsApp terms of privacy policies, WhatsApp does not share the information to Facebook related to normal WhatsApp application which includes the personal messages, media files(documents, images, videos, etc.) and Calls between the friends and families. But if we talk about the WhatsApp business application WhatsApp shares the business messages and information to the Facebook. Facebook only tracks the business messages in order to display ads to the users according to their business and other services in order to make some of their profits.

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