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iQOO Pad Tablet: Leaks Suggest Dimensity 9000 Plus Processor and High-Refresh-Rate 144Hz Display

According to leaks, iQOO is about to release its first tablet, the iQOO Pad. The Pad is scheduled to be released on the same day as the iQOO Neo 8, which is expected to be May 23, 2023, according to leaks. The following are the rumored features of iQOO’s new tablet that have been unveiled.

iQOO’s reportedly first Pad is now expected to emerge as an Android tablet powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 Plus (or 9000+) SoC. The platform might offer the first-generation slate an advantage over competitors like OnePlus or perhaps iQOO’s parent firm Vivo. On that topic, it may also have an (almost) unique aspect ratio and a display with the highest refresh rate in its category.

Some customers looking to buy a new tablet and are encouraged to the OnePlus Pad because of its unique characteristics may be advised to wait to see whether the rumored new release from iQOO actually materializes. Additionally, this one may be the one to base a purchase decision on due to a tiny processing advantage.

Now that iQOO is said to have taken the most recent tablet design from its parent company Vivo for this project, the Pad2 might be improved upon using the Dimensity 9000+ SoC rather than the 9000 of that slightly older slate.

In light of this, tablet enthusiasts may soon have a new option for the rapidly evolving 144Hz/7:5 display type (along with the similarly recognizable circular back camera hump), but most likely with a different, potentially more speed-themed, paint job to match its somewhat improved silicon. Additionally, the “iQOO Pad” may anticipate at least 44W charging and Android 13 out of the box.

Previous rumors claim that the gadget would debut alongside the Neo 8 series, which is scheduled to be unveiled on May 23, 2023. But since this was simply a leak, we cannot be certain if it will debut concurrently or at a later date.

All of them are leaks, thus we must wait for iQOO to make an official statement on the tablet before we can determine whether or not the leaks were accurate.

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