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Tenzystech Privacy Policy

Whatever we share on our website, and what information you will get from here, this will help you understand our privacy policy. If you use the website then you will have to follow the privacy policy, we have full right to block you.

What information do I share on my website

1.Technology related information will be given on our website.
2.Information related to social media is also shared on our website.
3.On our website we will give you information about computer mobiles and all other electronic gadgets.

What can i do for you

1.Whatever I share for you on this website, you can tell me about my experience by commenting on it. This will give me encouragement.
2.If you see something wrong on our website, then you can contact us. I will try my best to correct it.
3.What type of information should we share on our website, you can help us by giving advice. So that we can work well on the expectations of our visitors and for them.

How to use tenzystech

1.You should not make any wrong comments in any way.
2.Comment about the type of post you read and like.
3.If you have any complaint from my website, let me direct contact or massage contact and tell me about it.
4.Use of any kind of wrong word is forbidden in the comment.

Third Party Link

You should not share the link of any other website without permission on our website. You can cry when needed, do not share without meaning otherwise your comment will not be published.
Links can be shared if needed.


Cookies are a very small file that browsers use and send them to our computer hard disk and store them. We can use cookies for the future of our website.

Terms and conditions.

Users using our website have to follow the privacy policy of our website.

All Rights Reserved

I hope you will follow the privacy policy given on my website or else I have every right to block, delete, spam your comment.

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