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Unveiling the Secret: Tears of the Kingdom’s Most Powerful Ability Remains Hidden

You’re playing Tears of the Kingdom incorrectly if you haven’t used Autobuild after 20 or so hours.

What advice would you offer now that Tears of the Kingdom has been out for a few weeks? was the question posed in a tweet last week? Many individuals shared helpful tips, like the advice to fuse rubies to your gear in order to remain warm throughout the Rito quest line (just, y’know, don’t fuse ’em to anything wooden). Using Ascend more often is another wise recommendation. Do you currently employ Ascend? Great! Use it a thousand times more!

I stressed that Autobuild is an easy-to-miss yet game-changing feature and that you are not finished with the lesson until your Purah Pad’s power wheel is finished. Then, a deluge of individuals asked, “Wait…what? What exactly is an Autobuild?

What is Autobuild?

A Tears of the Kingdom skill called Autobuild functions as Link’s Ultrahand’s equivalent of a 3D printer. If you have the materials close at hand, you may swiftly recreate any buildings you’ve constructed recently; if not, it will create them for you at the expense of some Zonaite chunks. It saves your projects.

What can you build with Autobuild?

As you create more things, Autobuild will only save a small number of your most recent builds before removing them. However, you may save constructions as favorites and recreate them whenever you choose. It comes in helpful if you need to quickly construct useful things like a two-fan hoverbike or a war robot.

Schema stones are objects that you may come across when you explore the Depths. They are essentially blueprints for all types of devices and may be found within Yiga Clan strongholds or obtained through steward constructions. You don’t have to worry about removing schema stone designs because they are permanently saved in Autobuild’s memory and cover a broad range of useful devices.

How do you use Autobuild?

Autobuild may either manufacture the components at a cost or use your sources to automatically assemble anything. For instance, Autobuild will construct the Fanplane if you have three Zonai fan machines, a glider, and the necessary resources. If any of those parts are lacking, Autobuild will still be able to construct the plane, but you will need to use Zonaite to make up the difference.

It may grow rather expensive to make things using Zonaite alone, therefore I’d advise obtaining your own resources whenever you can for Autobuild constructions. Additionally, everything created with Autobuild from Zonaite will have a green texture, which is crucially permanent on the device. For instance, if you create something with a control stick and attempt to transfer it to another object, it will vanish.

How to get Autobuild

Shortly after arriving on Hyrule, Autobuild may be acquired from the Sky Sanctuary. Speaking with Robbie and Josha at Lookout Landing will start the quest Camera Work in the Depths once Link reaches there. Through this adventure, Link will become acquainted with Hyrule’s underground “Depths” and the Purah Pad’s camera feature.

After completing it and returning to the surface, speak with Josha once again to earn a new mission to enter the Depths! This quest will get you access to Autobuild. She’ll essentially tell you to go in the direction that the statue from the last quest, which you snapped a picture of, is pointing. You may follow it to the Big Abandoned Central Mine. A familiar adversary from Breath of the Wild will make their debut appearance there. After you win that battle, a steward construct will grant you the power to auto-build and show you how to utilize it.

(Note: Regarding the release date of Josha’s second quest, I’ve received conflicting information. As far as my playthrough is concerned, I was able to go right forward from the camera mission to the Autobuild quest. Additionally, getting Autobuild does not require any sort of quest at all. From the Hyrule Field Chasm, descend into the Depths and proceed southwest to the Great Abandoned Central Mine. You’ll just begin the series of events required to obtain the ability there.)

Even while I really like Tears of the Kingdom, the game doesn’t do a good job of helping you if you’re just starting off. The game already lets you off the leash before you can gain the Autobuild ability, which is one of the finest time and life savers you can have in your arsenal. As a result, gamers sometimes go 20 to 30 hours into a game before realizing anything is lacking. Hopefully, this helpful manual will save intrepid travelers from becoming lost in the future.

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