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WhatsApp Privacy Issues and policies Feb 2021: Explained

[glossary_exclude]Whatsapp[/glossary_exclude] privacy issues are raising to the greater extent as the facebook becomes its parent company. Recently, whatsapp has updated their privacy policies and acceptance/agree of these privacy policies are compulsory for all the users before 8th Fabruary, 2021 otherwise your whatsapp account will be deleted permanently.

Your whatsapp account get a prompt in which you have two options if you are using android devices that is “agree” and “not now” and if you have IOS devices then you only have only one option that is you have to “agree” the terms and conditions. But for android users who have clicked the “Not now” option will get the prompt again and have to agree the terms and conditions in order to use the whatsapp after 8th Feb,2021 else their account will be deleted. There are some Whatsapp privacy issues which are explained below:

What are Whatsapp Privacy Issues and their updated Policies 2021?

What are WhatsApp Messages Policy?

According to the whatsapp policy, Your messages are put away on your gadget and not normally put away on their servers. When your messages are conveyed, they are erased from whatsapp servers. The follow situations portray conditions where whatsapp may store your messages over the span of conveying them:

Delivered Messages: Erased from the servers as soon as the recipient receive it.

Undelivered Messages: In the event that a message can’t be conveyed promptly (for instance, if the beneficiary is disconnected), they save it in scrambled structure on their servers for as long as 30 days as they attempt to convey it. In the event that a message is still undelivered following 30 days, they erase it.

What is WhatsApp Encryption?

Whatsapp privacy issues, whatsapp policy
Whatsapp end-to-end Encryption policy
Whatsapp privacy Issues

According to Whatsapp policy, the messages, voice chats, photos, documents, videos or any other data travelling or transmitted between sender and recipient are subject to ene-to-end encrypted. It simply means that your messages or media files are transmitted in the encoded form and decoded in the device of the the recipient.

What are WhatsApp Device And Connection Policy?

According to Whatsapp policy, they gather gadget and association explicit data when you introduce, access, or utilize whatsapp Services. This incorporates data, for example, equipment model, working framework data, battery level, signal strength, application form(like os versions, etc.), program data, portable organization association (mobile service provider) Information (which covers telephone number, versatile administrator or ISP), language and time region, IP address, gadget tasks data, and identifiers (counting identifiers extraordinary to Facebook Company Products related with a similar gadget or record).

Whats are WhatsApp Location Policy?

Whatsapp privacy Issues includes gathering and utilizing exact area (location) data from your gadget with your authorization when you decide to utilize area related highlights, similar to when you choose to impart your area (location) to your contacts or view areas close by or areas others have imparted to you.

There are sure settings identifying with area related data which you can discover in your gadget settings or the in-application settings, for example, area sharing Even on the off chance that you don’t utilize their area (location) related services, they use IP addresses and other data like telephone number zone codes to assess your overall area (for example city and nation. They likewise utilize your area (location) data for diagnostics (troubleshooting) and investigating purposes.

WhatsApp Data Sharing With Facebook

whatsapp privacy issues, whatsapp policy
Facebook rules over whatsapp

One of the main Whatsapp privacy issues is the one that WhatsApp currently shares certain categories of information with Facebook Companies. The information we share with the other Facebook Companies includes your account registration information (such as your phone number), transaction data, service-related information, information on how you interact with others (including businesses) when using our Services. mobile device information, your IP address, and may include other information identified in the Privacy Policy section entitled ‘Information We Collect’ or obtained upon notice to you or based on your consent.

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Whatsapp Ads Policy

Whatsapp still do not allow third-party banner ads on their Services. They have no intention to introduce them, but if they ever do, they will update this Privacy Policy. This highlighted statement may raise the greater Whatsapp privacy issues in the future.

WhatsApp Minimum Age Policy

If you live in a country in the European Economic Area (which includes the European Union), and any other included country or territory (collectively referred to as the European Region), you must be at least 16 years old (or such greater age required in your country) to register for and use WhatsApp.

If you live in any other country except those in the European Region, you must be at least 13 years old (or such greater age required in your country) to register for and use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Ban Policy

We may ban accounts if we believe the account activity is in violation of our Terms of Service. Per our Terms of Service, we may retain the right to ban you without notification.

The policies specified above are only specific to the whatsapp altered(updated) policies. For complete Whatapp privacy Policies visit


Is there any whatsapp security or whatsapp privacy issues in order to use whatsapp in 2021?

Yes, if we consider the updated policy of whatsapp of sharing its data to the facebook company than this is sign of worry, as if we look towards the past scenarios there are many security and data leaking issues overwhelmed on the facebook company.

What is main threat in the whatsapp privacy issues or policies in 2021?

The one of the main threat in the whatsapp privacy issues is the sharing of whatsapp data (like IP addresses, location data, phone number, your device model, app versions, service provider information) to the facebook.

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