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3-D Printing: How it works, applications and best 3-D printers in 2020

What is 3-D printing?

Here 3-D stands for three-dimensional printing.

3-D printing is additive manufacturing which is construction of a three dimensional object from a digital 3D model or CAD (Computer-aided design) model. 3D creates physical object from a digital design.

Chuck hull inverted 3D Printing. He is co-founder, executive vice president and Chief Technology officer of 3D Systems. He also inverted stereolithography which used in solid imaging process. Stereolithography is a first commercial rapid prototyping technology, and the STL file format.

Chuck invented 3D Printing in 1986 in Valencia, California. He invented first 3D Printer.

When Chuck Hull invented 3D printing that time he was developing lamps for UV- curable resins and that time 3D Printing idea come in his mind. This method uses UV light to cure and bond a photopolymer resin which is build up layer by layer.

How 3D printing works?

Three dimensional printing uses CAD to create 3D objects through a layering method. Many time 3D printing is referred to as additive manufacturing because it involves plastics, composites, layering materials, bio-materials to create objects that range in shape, size, rigidity and color.

3-Dimensional printing process works by laying down thin layer of material in the form of powdered plastic or liquid or cement or metal and the fusing the layer together.

Best 3-D Printers 2020

3-D Printing
3-D Printer (Image Credit:

These are the best Printers of 2020:- MarkerBOT Replicator (100 microns layer resolution), Ultimaker 2 Extended (20 microns layer resolution), Monoprice Select Mini (100 microns layer resolution), XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 (100 microns layer resolution) and many more.

Advantages of 3-D Printing

There are many advantages and disadvantages of 3D-printing that we need to know. Here we discuss about advantages of 3-Dimensional printing:

  1. Biggest advantages of 3-D Printing is that it take less time than other technology and completed work within less time. 3-D printing is rapid prototyping. Rapid Prototyping is ability to manufacturing, design, and test a customized part in as little time as possible.
  2. Flexibility of 3-D Printing:- 3-D printing allows creation and manufacturing of geometries, either as a single part, or at all.
  3. 3D printing design gives the better quality parts and products whether traditional manufacturing gives the poor quality and also poor design. So that 3D Printing is better than traditional printing.
  4. 3-Dimensional is Easily Accessible.
  5. 3-D printing has ability to give fast production so that we can save our time.
  6. 3-D Printing creates lots of waste materials but good thing is that we can recycle the waste materials and that’s why it is good for environment.
  7. 3-D Printing used in Automated manufacturing and also many more.
  8. 3-D Printing also creates low material wastage. This is the reason that many nature lover loves 3D printing.
  9. 3-D printing is not limited by shape and intricacy parts.
3D Printing

Disadvantages of 3D-Printing

Let’s see what are the disadvantages of 3-D printing and after reading these points you clearly come to know about 3-D printing:-

  1. Most harmful disadvantage is that 3-D printing is not user-friendly so that most of the time people don’t want to use it but still 3D printing used in most of the companies.
  2. 3-D printing is very costly so that only rich person used it. This shows that if you have good amount of money then you can use it otherwise no chance to use it and this is really a bad thing.
  3. 3D printing has high energy consumption. Hence, it spend huge amount of energy so that it’s harmful for our nature also because we have limited source.
  4. Material that we used in 3D printing is much limited and still some are under development.
  5. 3-D printing uses a plastic filament. That’s why 3D Printing is not environment friendly too.
  6. 3-D Printers creates 3-D knives, explosives and guns and other dangerous items. Some criminal organizations and terrorists use it to make their own dangerous weapons and definitely criminals and terrorists are not good for our society as well as country also.

Applications of 3-Dimensional Printing

In this section we discuss about applications of 3D printing.

1.) 3-D printing used in medicine also. It used in prostheses and braces, prosthetics, Bio-printing, breast reconstruction, surgical preparation, reducing the cost of medicines.

2.) It used in prototype, production, proof of concept, marketing samples and many more.

3-D Printing

3.) 3D printing also used in education, art and hobby.

4.) It used in custom art, architecture, and design. Hence 3D Printing creates much difference in fashion also.

5.) Nowadays 3D printing makes lots of products like 3D printed Acoustic Guitar, Hand-made camera lens, working guns, Shakuhachi Flute, 3D Fetus and many more.

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