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Aware about the most common 5 Smartphone Hype

A great product can only be delivered after you have understood the consumer’s behaviour. So, studying a consumer behavior is what really matters. Now we have to discuss about most common smartphone Hype.

In case of smartphones when they were just trying to cover every price point, as a customer we would then compromise with its features etc… In 2020 smartphones have evolved a long way, days have gone when a few products would be launched in years.

Times have changed now. Smartphone companies are flooding with their products in a short span for 2 – 3 months. We haven’t seen a real innovative design or some out of the box features with this going trend. So how should we react to this.

Let’s now talk about some of the smartphone Hype

The 90Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz Display Hype

Refresh Rate of Display in now a days is most common smartphone Hype. This started with the OnePlus launching its first 90Hz display with the OnePlus 7 Pro. The OnePlus 7 pro was the first smartphone to sport a 90 Hz refresh rate display. After that we have seen smartphone flooding and overhyping the 90hz, 120Hz and even 144 Hz display.

Now the question is do you really need a display with such a refresh rate.

Smartphone Hype
Display Hype (Image Credit:

Some will say it is useful to watch videos and play games, but that’s not the reality and don’t fall prey for such hypes. The reality is you will not notice any difference in day to day activities. The second point is most games don’t support such refresh rate, they include PUBG and Call of Duty.

Let me give you some points to make this even clearer.

Everyone knows that Samsung manufactures high end display panel for many brands. One Plus 7 pro display was also manufactured by Samsung. So do think for a minute that why would Samsung give this technology to one Plus and not use for their own phones. Why would Samsung wait for over a year and release their phone with 90 Hz refresh rate. There must be a reason to understand, see for such a large brand releasing something can cost its image if it fails. As a result those display screens were being made better before their final launch. The One plus 7 Pro having Amoled screen came with many faulty in them.

• The colour accuracy was not good

• Colour shifting

(If u tilt the screen then the colours starts twitching and if the background is not white then it’s not pure white. This can cause headache.)

So, should you fall for the refresh rate hype?

You should go for high refresh rate when it comes in your budget price point otherwise it is not so worthy to specially cost you money on that.

We would suggest you to look for a 60 Hz good quality screen.

The camera hype

Again in camera section, the smartphone Hype is consistently increased. This started just from 2019, we first saw 3 cameras and slowly the number has come to 6.

So why so many cameras. Are they necessary or is it again a marketing game.

A layman will compare the numbers and not the quality.

Smartphone Hype
Camera Hype (Image Credit:

The reality is only 3 camera is what matters-

1. The main camera

2. A ultra wide

3. A zoom

Many companies provide only 8 MP ultrawide, which I  believe is just for the name sake. An ultrawide should be minimum 12 MP and for better results a 16 MP.

There is no need of a macro-lens and depth sensor. So next time you go to buy one just don’t think like a layman again.

This doesn’t end here, for a long time we have seen the MP (Mega Pixel) war. Cameras are coming with 64 and 108Mp. Now you will be saying so are they also fake. Well not really but let’s understand that other than sensor what really matters is the after image processing, else a 64Mp will behave as a 16MP.

Other than hyping the number of cameras or playing with the megapixel war companies should focus on optical image stabilisation, better image processing software, a zoom lens (with optical image stabilisation).

The Processor hype

The rapidly upgradation of processor in customer’s mind is another smartphone Hype. We all need a powerful and seamless running machine. But when it comes with a price then we should act sensibly and look if we need to upgrade.

Processor Hype
Processor Hype (Image Credit:

You might have noticed that after you have bought a phone, a new processor comes and you feel that you are left behind.

But does that new processor really matter?

The reality is no, in day to day use there is no noticeable difference. Upgrade only makes sense if you have older generation. We would suggest you to wait for a generation of processor or an evolution. Only upgrade if you see a noticeable difference.

The RAM Hype

This also started with the One Plus smartphones. Nowadays we are seeing smartphones with 12gb of ram or 8gb of ram.

Smartphone Hype
RAM Hype (Image Credit:

You might question us that RAM improves performance, but think again in another prospect. What software will you run that requires 8gb or 12gb of ram. Many popular games can do their job with 4gb and 6gb of ram, so there is no noticeable difference in day to day use. Even gaming laptops come with 8gb of ram.

Actually, this is also a  Smartphone hype for marketing since companies are out of ideas.

The 5g hype

Smartphone Hype
5G Hype (Image Credit:

We assume this will be the biggest smartphone hype in 2020. But in reality, there is no chance of 5G in India till 2022. Therefore, there is no point of investing on 5G phones when we can’t use 5G for 2 – 3 years now.

These were some of the hype which we wanted to make you aware of.

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