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Partnership of Google and Qualcomm ensures the upcoming Qualcomm based smartphones to get 4 Years of major OS updates

In what may end up being the greatest Android report of the most recent week, as of late Google declared that the entirety of Qualcomm’s future chipsets, beginning with the forthcoming Snapdragon 888, will uphold three Android OS updates and four years of security refreshes. In layman’s terms, that implies some new phones arriving in 2021 will most likely get an additional time of updates — accepting OEMs get down to business and stick to this same pattern.

The change expands on a portion of Google’s past enhancements, and it’s pretty specialized. The majority of our perusers are presumably effectively acquainted with Project Treble, which rebuilt how parts of Android work such that made it simpler for producers to convey refreshes — and that is really having any kind of effect, as well. But since of how it functioned, this really made chipset producers’ positions harder, enhancing the work they needed to do to help numerous ages of programming relying upon when phones would dispatch during that chip’s lifecycle. In short: Making it simpler for cell phone creators to convey programming refreshes pushed additional work onto organizations like Qualcomm.

Qualcomm and Google collaborate to streamline Android OS updates

According to the recently press release, Qualcomm and Google have declared an association and will cooperate on growing Project Treble to bring the most recent Android OS updates to more smartphones one year from now. Smartphones will get four years of Android OS variant updates and four years of security refreshes, beginning with the Snapdragon 888 and forward. To be reasonable, cell phone producers including Google and OnePlus guarantee three years of significant updates to their phones and the new declaration doesn’t guarantee an additional year.

As of recently, the best update responsibility you could get in the realm of customer Android gadgets is three years — normally for security patches combined with one or the other a few years of OS refreshes. This is as an unmistakable difference to iPhones, which get refreshes basically until Apple can’t get the product to run on its more seasoned equipment — that is generally around five years, and once in a while more. By and large, completely skilled Android phones have been abandoned because of restricted programming support windows, similar to the case simply this month with Google’s new Pixel 2 series.

Eventually, we can’t guarantee that the present change will bring about longer-enduring Android phones. This change just even applies to future phones controlled by forthcoming Qualcomm chipsets, beginning with the 888, it’s as yet on telephone producers to really convey those updates, paying little heed to the progressions Google or Qualcomm execute. Ideally, we’ll at last receive these rewards in 2025. In any case, hello, in any event it’s something.

As indicated by an official statement by Qualcomm, this joint effort implies that cell phone makers presently don’t have to adjust Qualcomm’s chipset-explicit programming to seed an update. OEMs who are famous for not giving normal updates to existing smartphones running on Snapdragon chips presently have no motivation to postpone Android OS refreshes. Both Qualcomm and Google need to decrease the assets and time needed to give customary framework updates to Snapdragon-controlled smartphones.


“Google keeps on working intimately with our innovation accomplices to build the newness of the Android biological system. Through this joint effort with Qualcomm Technologies, we expect that Android clients will have the most recent OS redesigns and more noteworthy security on their gadgets,” said David Burke, VP of Android designing, Google. “Through this joint effort, we expect quickened Android OS redesign on Snapdragon-based gadgets while giving a better client experience than end-clients,” added Kedar Kondap, VP, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies.

Google declared Project Treble in 2017 as an endeavor to smooth out the generally sporadic Android OS update cycle making it simpler for OEMs to give major OTA updates to smartphones. The new cooperation guarantees that cell phone producers would now be able to give as long as four years of Android updates and four years of security refreshes for all phones viable with Treble and controlled by Snapdragon 888 onwards.

Do note, nonetheless, the four variant updates incorporate the Android OS form that sudden spikes in demand for your telephone out-of-the-crate. So actually its three variants, something that Google, OnePlus and all the more as of now uphold on a portion of their phones.

Having said that, the coordinated effort is a welcome move to streamline the Android OS update measure and guarantee that more phones dispatched in 2021 get refreshed to the most recent form alongside improving the time span of usability of smartphones. Google is additionally reusing a similar OS structure programming across various Qualcomm chips that guarantee boundless help without bringing about expenses.

Google says that this change is powerful on all Snapdragon processors scheduled to dispatch with Android 11 out of 2021.

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