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True facts and Full comparison of Ordinary vs Gaming laptops (2023)

In the upcoming days there are many confusions are going on that what are the basic differences between the ordinary vs gaming laptops? Peoples generally think that gaming laptops are only for professional gamers (who loves gaming) and they had no use of that in their work any more if they aren’t gaming on that. But this fact is totally wrong!

Because there are so much good things that are present in a gaming laptop with respect to type of processor, type of capacitors and various other hardware as well as software components which are quite good with respect to any other ordinary laptop notebook. So lets see what are those things that might be best in the segment with the gaming laptops and how it make a laptop more durable and overall best in performance with easy maintenance and caring. So let us begin the comparison between ordinary vs gaming laptops.


If we talk about the performance criteria of ordinary vs gaming laptops, than the gaming laptops are the winner in this series. You might be think that why? As this is true that there are many expensive ordinary expensive laptops which have the same processors which are also embedded in the gaming notebooks. Your are thinking right but leaving a one thing that you should consider.

The main thing in the gaming laptop processors are that they are high-end means H-series processors which are meant for overclocking. Overclocking is the concept of enhancing the performance of processor by increasing its clock-speed which is required for some specific typical tasks. For example base clock speed of Intel I7 9th generation processor starts from 2.6 GHz that is good. Due to this 2.6 GHz clock speed, it is capable to turbo-boost upto 4.5 GHz.

Ordinary vs gaming Laptops

But on another hand, if we talk about ordinary laptops their base clock speed is low as compared to gaming laptops because they are not High-end processors and comes in the category of U-series that is Mobile series processors. Their base clock speed varies from 1.0 GHz to 1.8 GHz even if the processor is Intel’s I7 9th generation or the 10th generation. If they tried turbo-boost technology then they can goes maximum upto 3.6 GHz or 3.9 GHz but not more than that.

However, the best clock-speed achieved by the the laptop processor is 5.3 GHz which is a High-end processor called Intel’s I9 10750H 10th generation processor which is 2020’s flag-ship processor of the laptops and used in the gaming laptops only.

So, the war between the ordinary vs gaming laptops in the performance segment won by the gaming notebooks. ordinary vs gaming laptops

Hardware Components

Now if we talk about the hardware material between the ordinary vs gaming laptops other than the processor than also the best is considered in gaming laptops than the ordinary laptops. Typically in laptops, capacitors are used for the transportation of electricity to all the hardware components. But if we compare these capacitors between ordinary vs gaming laptops than there is a huge difference in the size of ordinary notebooks and gaming notebooks. Gaming notebooks has a big size of capacitors due to which they have more capacity to tolerate the greater electric load through them. This is also an another reason why gaming laptops are known to be a powerful machines.

Ordinary vs Gaming Laptops
Laptop Motherboard

On the other hand Ordinary laptops have small capacitors due to which they can easily melt due to heating-up of laptop when we charge and use the laptop at the same time. It is recommended by all the laptop brands for the ordinary laptops that they can charge the laptop first and then use them. Because if we use and charge both at the same time the laptop will extremely heat-up and that temperature is the biggest enemy for your laptop capacitors. This is the biggest reason for degradation of battery backup capacity of your laptop.

But now you are thinking, how? This is due to the melting of capacitors of your hardware components after that your laptop will consume more energy unnecessarily which can’t be compensated even by the replacement of old battery with a new one. That’s the main reason why the capacity of ordinary laptops are decreased from initial 7-8 hours to only 3-4 hours or sometimes will even decrease by only 1 hour. Generally, users think that their battery is damaged but after replacement with newer one they don’t experience much enhancement in the battery backup time.

So, the comparison between ordinary vs gaming laptops in this segment again gaming laptops are better than ordinary laptops.

High-End Graphics

We all know that in the graphic card segment in the gaming notebooks reside on the top because it is the main component for gaming. However, by looking through the graphic cards of both ordinary and gaming notebooks, the ordinary laptops comes with lower-end graphic cards which are designed for lighter graphical tasks like casual graphical designing, casual small games etc. But just like high-end CPU in gaming notebooks, there also high-end graphic cards which are embedded in the gaming laptops.

For example, in ordinary laptops there are different types of series of graphic cards such as MX130, MX150, MX230, MX250, and also upcoming the latest one which is MX350. But these all graphic cards are designed for handling casual graphical tasks and not meant for high-end graphic intensive work. Even if we go to the expensive ordinary ultra notebooks the maximum Vram is 2GB which is not good for graphical intensive tasks.

Ordinary vs Gaming Laptops
Graphic Cards

But on another hand, if we talk about the gaming laptops there are many graphic card series like Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 1060 1080 1080Ti, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650, 1650Ti, 1660, 1660Ti and also the advanced high end graphical cards such as Nvidia RTX 2050, 2060, 2080, 2080Ti and also upcoming latest one witch is RTX 3080. These all graphic cards are meant for high-end graphical use such as video editing, top level gaming(AAA games), video rendering and so on. In short, we can say that clock speed of graphical cards of gaming laptops is much higher than that of graphical cards of ordinary laptops.

There are many gaming latops which comes in the range of 50-60K which are good enough than the ordinary laptops coming in the same price. Remember that atleast 4 GB Vram is must to come with even with entry level(cheaper) gaming laptop but only 2GB Vram is embedded in ordinary ultra notebooks which are too expensive in comparison to cheaper gaming notebooks.

In comparison between ordinary vs gaming laptop even in this segment too the gaming laptops are dominant over the ordinary laptops.

RAM Speed

The another main thing is the RAM frequency. It is obvious that the speed of ram is always better in gaming laptops. This feature is mainly used in heavy and high intensive graphical tasks such as video rendering, heavy gaming at 4K resolution, intensive graphical designing and multi-tasking etc. And now we can easily say that these all features are available in gaming notebooks. Hence, high speed rams are embedded in gaming laptops.

Ordinary VS Gaming Laptops
RAM-Speed (Image Credit: computerhope.com)

For example, ordinary laptops have the ram frequency upto 2133 MHz where the gaming notebook range starts from 2166 MHz and goes upto 3200 MHz which is amazing and give a very smooth experience. However, this is not essential factor for normal users so their is no use of high frequency RAMs in ordinary laptops.

By taking this in mind with comparison between ordinary vs gaming laptops, the dominancy has acquired by gaming notebooks.


In the portability, no doubt gaming laptops are heavier as compare to ordinary laptops. Simply if we talk about the gaming laptops, due to its heavy machine and tough architecture it is bulky. Another thing is the graphical unit which is present in all the gaming laptops but if we talk about the ordinary laptops some having GPU unit and some not.

Ordinary VS Gaming Laptops

However, the gaming laptops having high-end graphics so they release much more heat as normal due to which the cooling systems are also embedded in the gaming laptops such as dual fans each for cooling down the CPU as well as the GPU. Cooling systems are also of two types one is fan cooling and the second thing is the liquid cooling technology. Also gaming notebooks has advance technologies like higher refresh rate dispalys (120hz, 144hz, 240hz, 300hz, etc) and many other things, so in order to compensate all the requirements for these advanced technologies there are some additional components. That’s the reason why gaming laptops are heavier than the ordinary laptops.

It is true that carrying the gaming laptops is little bit difficult for every person whether it is student or a businessman. Even the pro-gamers also regret this thing in gaming laptops but we have to loose something to get something better. It’s a rule that nothing is perfect. But it is quite true that in portability ordinary laptops are known to be a good option.

So in portability segment comparison between ordinary vs gaming laptops, ordinary notebooks are dominant over gaming notebooks.


If we talk about all the laptops whether it is ordinary as well as gaming it is difficult to analyse the durability but if we talk about the safety measures and battery protection than their is automatic cut-off of charging of batteries in the gaming laptops and also sense the heating situations in the laptops and cutt-off the flow of electric charge according to the heating situations.

Ordinary vs Gaming Laptops

There is also a good fact in the gaming laptops that whenever you plug in your notebook it makes a bridge connection by bypassing the electric charge without involving the role of battery. It is also essential for taking the energy at higher volt for giving its best performance which is not possible on the battery. This is also a big reason gaming laptops didn’t give their best performance when they operated on battery power. By this technique the life of battery also enhances to the greater extent.

The other thing is the build quality. It is true that build quality of gaming laptops are good enough but now a days the ordinary laptops are also coming with an excellent durability certifications such as military grade. So both the laptops in the present time are come with certifications but not all the laptops whether it is ordinary as well as gaming laptop.

Energy Efficiency

However, if we talk about the energy efficiency point between the Ordinary vs gaming laptop than the ordinary laptops are the one who gave you the best battery backup or long lasting battery back just because of their energy saving hardware which consumes less power as compared to the any gaming notebook. Gaming notebooks are meant for delivering high performance hence consume more power to fulfill this requirement.

So, if we talk about the comparison between Ordinary vs gaming laptops then in this segment ordinary is dominant.

In the end, I would like to say that many peoples didn’t require much more specifications but if you are finding the best machine for yourself and have a thought in mind that you want to purchase a laptop once and use for many years approximately 10 years or more than that then the best choice will be a gaming notebook due their durability and tough structure. Otherwise you can also go for the ordinary or ultra notebooks.

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